Join the Camp Fire Fun!

Camp Fire Groups meet throughout the school year to explore the outdoors,

exercise their creativity, volunteer in their community and meet new friends

all while having fun! Kids aged 3-18 can join and groups can be single gender

or coed, single or multi-age. 

Volunteer Leadership for adult mentors!

Be the trained adult volunteer who leads regular meetings with area youngsters.

Clubs are open to all boys and girls Pre-School through High School. 

Volunteer leadership is the key component of the Club Program.

Without leaders, a club cannot exist. 

Why Choose Camp Fire?

It’s where children and teens discover who they are!

Camp Fire provides a nurturing, constructive and fun environment for young people to discover their sparks -

unique skills, passions, and interests - and adopt a growth mindset. They chart their course to healthy habits, 

community leadership, and connect to nature in collaboration with trained, caring adults. And, in turn,

Camp Fire youth give back by sharing those skills in their communities.   

Looking Ahead to Summer 2017?

We are excited that you already have Camp on your mind! Check back around early February

for details about both our resident and day camps. 

At Camp Fire, it's truly a way of life. Light the fire within